Bitumen: From Ancient Origins to Modern Impact in Africa

Bitumen: From Ancient Origins to Modern Impact in Africa

Bitumen: From Ancient Origins to Modern Impact in Africa Africa is currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in construction and infrastructure development. As nations prepare for rapid urbanization and economic growth, the demand for high-quality construction materials has reached new heights. Among these essential materials, bitumen stands out due to its versatility and crucial role in […]

Buy Bitumen in Kenya What is bitumen: Bitumen is a fine dispersion of high molecular weight hydrocarbon species, known as asphaltenes, in a medium called maltenes, which in turn consists of resins and oils. The main reactions accompanying air blowing are polymerization of unsaturated species, dehydrogenation, and condensation. The asphaltenes fraction generally acts as a filler in bitumen, […]

Emulsion Grade Bitumen

Emulsion Grade Bitumen Bitumen, often referred to as asphalt, is a fundamental component of our modern infrastructure. It’s the sticky, black, and highly viscous material that plays a crucial role in road construction, waterproofing, and various other industrial applications. In the realm of bitumen, there is a particular type known as emulsion grade bitumen, which […]

Cutback Bitumen

Cutback Bitumen Cutback bitumen is a type of bitumen that has been “cut back” or diluted with a solvent, typically a petroleum distillate like gasoline or kerosene, to reduce its viscosity. This process makes it easier to handle and apply in various construction and maintenance tasks. Cutback bitumen can be categorized based on the type […]

Perfomance Grade Bitumen

To standardize the classification of bitumen based on its performance characteristics, the Superpave Performance Grading System was established. Types of Performance Grade Bitumen The Superpave Performance Grading System categorizes bitumen based on its performance properties under specific conditions, including temperature and traffic load. This system utilizes a combination of letters and numbers to denote the […]

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