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STRGCO GLOBAL is a dynamic and forward-thinking corporate entity that was founded in 2019 on the foundation of the senior executives’ extensive experience in the production and distribution of oil, gas, and petrochemical products

Our reputation for upholding the highest standards of quality and ethics, as well as our unmatched grasp of the industry and the needs of our clients, are the cornerstones of our success. We have gained the respect and confidence of our clients all around the world because to our dependable and customer-focused company strategy


Provide Quality Bitumen Products

To assist our clients in completing their projects on time and under the most favorable terms and conditions, we continue to offer high-quality goods and packings that adhere to strict performance criteria. relying on our invaluable knowledge

We have developed a new method of providing service to our consumers by leveraging the infrastructure that already exists in Africa. We will secure a year-round supply by utilizing the several storage tanks at the SKYTRADE GLOBAL facility, two warehouses in Nairobi and Mombasa

Perfomance Grade Bitumen Specifications

Perfomance Grade 40/50 Perfomance Grade 60/70 Perfomance Grade 76/10 Perfomance Grade 80/100

Service Details

Penetration Grade Bitumen Specifications

Penetration Grade  30/40 Penetration Grade  40/50 Penetration Grade  50/70 Penetration Grade  60/70 Penetration Grade  70/100 Penetration Grade  80/100 Penetration Grade  85/100 Penetration Grade  100/120

Service Details

Our Specialization & Company Features

  • Viscority Grade Bitumen Supply
  • Emulsion Grade Bitumen Supply
  • Perfomance Grade Bitumen Supply
  • Penetration Grade Bitumen Supply
  • Cutback Bitumen Supply
  • Bitumen Drums Supplies
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Once everything is in order we send documentation which includes payment of the consignment



Once the payment & documentation is in order the delivery of the bitumen products is fulfilled


Project Done

Road Projects fulfilled



Supply in Kenya



Counties Supplied


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