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What is bitumen:

Bitumen is a fine dispersion of high molecular weight hydrocarbon species, known as asphaltenes, in a medium called maltenes, which in turn consists of resins and oils.

The main reactions accompanying air blowing are polymerization of unsaturated species, dehydrogenation, and condensation. The asphaltenes fraction generally acts as a filler in bitumen, whereas resins impart adhesive properties due to inherent unsaturation present in their cyclic group and oils are responsible for the fluidity.

Each processing technique results in different grades of bitumen products, including:


      • Hard grade bitumens – used for paving.

      • Cutback bitumens – blends of penetration bitumens with a solvent such as kerosene.

      • Emulsions – stabilised suspensions of bitumen in water.

      • Polymer modified bitumens – mixtures of selected bitumens with polymers, such as thermoplastics or elastomers.

    The road construction business is identified with the unwavering quest of longevity and excellence. This voyage has brought experts to one reliable companion: bitumen. This adaptable material is crucial in many building applications, particularly road construction. Today we visit Mombasa, a vibrant port city where the Bitumen trade thrives and Skytrade Global has established itself as the most reliable Bitumen provider.

    Understanding Bitumen’s Role In Construction

    When you think about the backbone of any strong road or infrastructure, consider bitumen. This black, extremely sticky material is more than meets the eye. Bitumen, sometimes known as ‘asphalt cement,’ is the unsung hero that holds the different road covering components together. Why is it so commonly used? Its great water resistance, exceptional adhesive capabilities, and excellent load bearing capability make it an ideal material for long-lasting roadways. But that is not all. Bitumen’s thermal stability is advantageous for waterproofing and insulation applications. Bitumen is a valuable resource in the building sector due to its numerous applications.

    Bitumen Market in Mombasa

    Mombasa, Africa’s busiest port and Kenya’s second largest city, emerges as a key hub for the Bitumen trade. The city’s high building and infrastructure demand has created a strong market for Bitumen providers. An industry enhanced by rivalry, it brings together providers that strive to outperform one another in terms of high quality and faultless service. In this dynamic market, one company stands out: Skytrade Global, known for their devotion to excellence and service, has established itself as a reliable Bitumen supplier, continually setting the bar high for rivals.

    Why Choose Skytrade Global as Your Bitumen Supplier?

    Choosing Skytrade Global as your bitumen supplier has its own set of distinct benefits. They have a remarkable track record, backed by years of business expertise. But their commitment to quality and service is what actually distinguishes them. The bitumen they sell is rigorously picked from the most respected refineries throughout the world, guaranteeing that their clients receive nothing but the highest quality. They take pleasure in their adaptability. Skytrade Global is well-equipped to meet a wide range of client needs, including changing bitumen grades and particular quantity requirements. Their objective is not only to deliver bitumen, but to establish long-term partnerships based on trust, efficiency, and a shared dedication to quality.

    Conclusion: Make Skytrade Global Your Trusted Bitumen Supplier.

    In conclusion, it is apparent that bitumen plays an important role in the ever-growing building sector, particularly in bustling metropolitan regions like Mombasa. It is critical to locate a supplier who not only understands your requirements, but also shares your dedication to quality. Enter Skytrade Global, a supplier recognized for its high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and unshakable commitment to its clients. Their demonstrated skill, along with their commitment for providing the best, makes them the go-to partner for all of your Bitumen needs. Skytrade Global goes beyond the function of a typical provider. They become partners with you in building a resilient future. So, when you think about Bitumen, think of Skytrade Global, your trustworthy building partner.

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